Get the best out of your smart trainer. Ride structured workouts or re-live your outdoor rides from a recorded GPX file. Improve your fitness and measure your success.

With THE ÆFFORT you can train with your indoor smart trainer starting at any level. Perform a test to determine your fitness and start working out based on your physical condition.

Structured Workouts Icon

structured workouts

Choose a training plan to reach a personal goal, to prepare for races, or to stay fit during the cold season.

Ride your favorite workouts in a specific category whenever you want.

Simulation Icon

simulation workouts

When you want to have fun you can Ride at awesome places like Roubaix, Alpe d'Huez on Apple Maps – often in 3D.

Add your own routes from Services like STRAVA or from GPX files.

Combined Mode Icon

combined workouts

Combination of structured training and simulation.

Avatar representation on the map.

Manual Mode Icon

manual workouts

Free riding without any guidelines.

Manual control of the resistance.

All your trainings are recorded and can be shared to well-known services or exported as FIT.

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Smart Trainer with BLE
(all WAHOO, Elite smart trainers and trainers supporting FTMS)

“When your legs scream stop and your lungs are bursting, that’s when it starts. That’s the hurt locker.
Winners love it in there”

Chris McCormack


WAHOO ERG/SIM Power Cadence Grade Adjustment Heart Rate
KICKR SNAP ✓/✓ ×* ×
KICKR CORE ✓/✓ ×* ×
KICKR V5 ✓/✓ × * ×

* if connected to KICKR CLIMB

ELITE ERG/SIM Power Cadence Grade Adjustment Heart Rate
TUO ✓/✓ × ×
SUITO ✓/✓ × ×
TACX ERG/SIM Power Cadence Grade Adjustment Heart Rate
FLUX S ✓/✓ ×
FLUX 2 ✓/✓ ×
SARIS ERG/SIM Power Cadence Grade Adjustment Heart Rate
H3 ✓/✓ × ×

Power Meters

Product Power Cadence
Favero Assioma UNO/DUO
Stages Power
Power2max NGeco Road